Our JA Jobs Story

JA Jobs is the specialist job and career board for qualified international students and young professionals in Germany. At JA Jobs, you will find attractive job vacancies with global top-employers as well as useful information about working and living in Germany. In addition, we directly place the best registered international talents into internships and full-time positions at leading global companies in Europe and worldwide. We cooperate with global companies, hidden champions, international organizations as well as private and public universities.

The idea of JA Jobs was born when Belle from Taiwan and Sebastian from Germany were doing their Master studies at the University of Konstanz, southern Germany. They made friends with each other and also with many young people from all over the world. Thus, both got aware of the increasing number of international students in Germany. However, with time passing by, many of their international friends left Germany since they went back to their home countries after graduation. This happened although the German government officially stated a labor shortage in many industries, and several companies have not been able to find enough talents for their worldwide activities.

The Taiwanese and the German were wondering why these highly qualified graduates did not start their careers in the heart of Europe. After they talked to many of their international friends, the answer to this question was two-folded: First, many international students wanted to stay in Germany but they had a lack of knowledge about how to find a job here. For instance, they didn´t know how to deal with issues such as application documents, job interviews, migration or the social security system and taxes. Second, there has been no specific agent that can address those needs of the foreign students and match them with appropriate companies. From this day on, Belle and Sebastian decided to change this and help international graduates from German universities to find the right job and kick-start a promising career. Finally, JA Jobs was set up when David, an entrepreneur and a childhood friend of Sebastian, came up with a detailed business concept on how to put this fantastic idea into practice.

Today, JA Jobs has established close relationships with many German universities and has built up a strong network of selected global partner companies in need of international talents - from Asia as well as from Africa, Latin America or Europe. We continue growing and thus enable more and more international students, graduates and young professionals to say JA to their global careers – fast, easy and free of charge. Do you want to be the next one? Then, sign up for free now!